Friday, August 1, 2014

The Potting Shed Vignettes

I said I would show some of the
vignettes of the shed up close.
Here goes:

I really like this little metal carrier.  It has
a flat handle you can see on the top.  Here
I store  my metal baskets, funky, old tools,
and my jar of twine. 

This little shelf is a new addition.
I put little and/or light things on it.  I
got a set of 7 dwarfs at an estate sale and
put the ones related to the garden here. 

This "new to me" cabinet had the perfect
colors for the blue and yellow pots.  And
the blue Ball jars.  A dear friend sent me
the Future Farmer sign.

This is part of my small bottle collection.
I liked how it looks in the little wagon.  The
rickshaw is folk art, which I enjoy. 

I've had this shelf for years.  When I redid
the shed, it stayed in the same place. It is
just a happy little corner with things on it,
hanging on it, and around it. 

The little green  table/stool is not
new to me, but the bookcase is.  More
of my pots are displayed as well as  a
few of my many jars of "whatever". On
the bottom shelf is a sweet little basket
that I like and a green plastic glasses carrier
the I adore. Underneath are the seed pots. 

This is above the large cabinet.  I have
two of those precious little floral lamps.
The die are set to my age.  I like all the
white together with the green.  And the
little gnome.

The next post will be some of my  my
favorites in the shed.  It is always a work in
progress.  Kind of like life.


Kathy said...

I just adore the collection of yellow and blue pots and green dice. Can't wait to see more!!


You have so many fun treasures! Your shed is great and a fun place to have.

Sherri said...

I so want to come visit and hang out with you in this glorious space (the other "Sherri" comments were me, signed in to my other Google account, not the Foziewisp account).

Sherri said...

Gah, why am I still in my other account, not the one with Tallulah Mae as my avatar? Too tired--too much crafting!--to figure it out!