Sunday, August 17, 2014

Buttons for Kathy

My friend Kathy  is an avid collector of
buttons.  If you love buttons you must
check out her blog.  I told her I was washing some buttons and she asked me to do a post
about them.  So here is one on the red ones.

I don't really "collect" buttons.  I love red
anything so have acquired many red buttons.
These are the ordinary ones. 

These are all shiny round buttons. 

Brass is the middle, ducks, and round cloth
covered buttons. 

Octagons and square buttons. 

Pretty buttons. 

Red with something added or just
a little extra added in. 

My favorites.  Love the details
on these. 

They are all kept in a jar.  If you knew
how many jars of things I have, well, it's
an obsession.

Kathy could tell you which buttons are
what kind.  I just sorted them by similarity
because that is the extent of my
button knowledge.  As I said before, if you
really like buttons, check out Kathy's blog. 



Love the square buttons. They are so much fun to collect and are perfect in the vintage jars.

Kathy said...

Love the octagons and the ones with the "added anything" and the little ducks and I think I saw a little hat in there. For a non-collector, you have accumulated quite the nice stash. I will be looking forward to seeing more and thanks for the shout, too!

Beth Leintz said...

Oh I can just imagine how much fun you had going through and sorting them. I'm with Kathy- I like the little ducks the best, but the one with some cream mixed in caught my eye too...and the round ones with designs....oh, I just like all of them!

sherri s. said...

I love buttons...I won't confess how many I seem to have accumulated, somehow (ahem). Everything looks cuter in a jar, doesn't it?