Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A tisket, a tasket, way too many baskets

I have started gathering my collection of baskets. Grab a beverage,
this is a long post....

The two previous pictures are various baskets that were
scattered around the house and did not include

A random basket

basket of blankets

basket of cat toys

basket by the fireplace

basket holding junk things under the coffee table

corks collected for days years

basket of magazines
baskets above kitchen cabinets

more cabinets

baskets in the laundry room

more in the laundry room

cat bed basket

basket that holds matches

basket that hold CDs

baskets in the Potting Shed

more in the potting shed

oh, another random basket

baskets for recycle and garbage in the office.
Now, how do I decide which of these to get
rid of?  There are many more    some more
that aren't pictured.  It is an illness  a weakness that
I have had for years.  
How do you decide which items in a collection you will
part with?  I am in the process of simplifying things.  But I have
found that it is NOT simple to simplify.  This is only one of
many a few collections I am paring down.  Any advice will
be grudgingly taken under advisement happily received.
How many is too many???