Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Potting Shed Round 3: The Reveal

Finally it is done!!  I am going to do
the "Reveal" in three posts.
The first will be the full view, second the
vignettes,  and third, my favorites in the shed.
Here we go......

 This is where any real potting gets done.

When you first walk in the door this is
what you see on the far wall.  Hopefully
it makes one eager to see more. 

Looking to the left is the work bench.  This is
also where I have most of my little pots,
and where I keep (out of sight) things that
are used in the yard. 

Above the work bench is the loft or, as I
like to call it, the basket area! 

The left side of the work bench. 

The right side of the work bench.  Here you
will find part of my collection of metal 
flower frogs. Back in the corner is a jar full. 

Looking to the left. The wall didn't change
too much because I have my collection of
pot hangers that I really like.  And my
valance of watering cans.  The furniture
did change. 

Looking to the left, and out the door.
I found the sweet little wicker desk and
chair earlier this year.  The bright green
chair used to be black.  I got the "put
glass in the window" from my mother. 

Looking to the left.  The picture of
Mt. St. Helen's before she blew up stayed
where it was.  The cabinet is new to me
(and has more pots).  The cute little
yellow cubby was one I tried to sell
but nobody wanted it.  (Perhaps I priced
it too high because I really wanted to
keep it) 

And this, as my husband teases me,
is a great place to curl up and read.
It faces the big window, but I also can look left and see out the door.  I am very happy with
how it turned out.  In the next post I will
show you some of the vignettes up close.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Potting Shed Round 2

Much progress has been made with
my precious little shed.

Here is what came out of the shed. All of
this is going away soon.
Minus the little blue top table.  That is
going in our guest room. 

I was surprised at some of the things
I was willing to let go.  Things I
have enjoyed, but it seems they
have served their purpose and need
to move on to a new home. 

The boxes, of course, are full of small things. 

Then out comes what is left ( a lot)
and I clean the floor.  I was thrilled
when I found this piece of linoleum that
looks almost like hardwood.   It adds
a nice touch to the shed.

The one piece that was not removed for
the floor cleaning was a large wood
cabinet.  It is getting a little TLC here. 

It was made from old wood and windows.
But I am going for a softer feel in here
now, so decided it needed a lift. 

I like it much better now with the shelf lining.
It is brighter, softer, and things show up better.

Here we are getting down to the wire.  I have
added a few pieces........the shelves under the window, the cabinet in the right corner.  I am
almost ready for the full reveal.  The furniture
is rearranged, things are rearranged on the
walls, new things are added.  Stay tuned for

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Potting Shed Round 1

The Potting Shed has always been changing.
Lately I am trying to get rid of things (hahaha)
and so the Potting Shed is getting a Make Over.

This would be the outside a few years ago.
This part hasn't changed much.


This is my little nest and is full of
all things garden and fun.  Oh, I forgot
to mention that the potting shed is not
used for potting.  That's done on the
potting bench outside. 

This isn't even the whole thing,
but gives you an idea of the quantity of
"stuff" that lives here. 

And this is the process of sorting
out what to get rid of and what to keep.
It has been very difficult because I
wouldn't have it if I didn't like/love it. 

Everything is getting packed up so
I can move it all out and clean the floor.
Then it will all go back in and begin a
new chapter.  I will still have a lot
of "stuff".