Thursday, August 7, 2014

Potting Shed Favorites

Now for my favorites in the shed.  If you have
followed along this far you know that
the shed is full of fun things.  These, that
follow, are things that really pull at my

This tray I have had for a long time.  It
now sits inside the cupboard.

The colors and the graphics are just great!! 

The frame I have also had for a long time.
I finally found something to put in it so
I could hang it up.   The daffodil shelf is
a favorite for two reasons.  I love daffys and
the shelf is folk art. 

Another piece of folk art that is just funny!!
When I see it, it makes me smile   :>) 

This scrapbook is a favorite for a couple
of reasons.  The blue on the cover is one
of my favorite blues.  So bright!  And,
again, the graphics and colors are right
up my alley. 

By now you might guess what I like about this
wall pocket.  Yes, that blue again.  Plus he
has the cutest if he is saying
"what will you put in my pocket?"
He was made in Germany. 

Even I am starting to see a trend here.
The parrot, love him for the colors and
he is folk art and he is a bird.  And the
pot in the wagon--------yes, the color! 

And then the final group.  These all just
make me happy.  I love the stand that
the little book is on.  And how can I resist
such a precious little book?  The gnome pot
is unusual and definitely belongs in a
"potting" shed.  For years I have loved
these little hand painted vases.  I don't have
a collection of them but this one is sweet with its
curvy shape.

So, there you have it.  There are other
favorites in the shed, but it is difficult
for me to show them all.  It would take all
day!  Thanks for going on this journey with
me.  It has been fun and has made me
realize that with all that I have, I could part
with much of it and still have a full heart.




I think the flower shelf is my favorite! You have so many sweet treasures in your shed! Enjoyed seeing them.

Sherri said...

I don't think I could choose favorites--I love them all!

I wish you could come to the pop-up shop on Saturday, too--it should be fun (I hope hope hope!).