Sunday, March 24, 2013

It was a Plucky Maidens Day

On the right is the Pluckiest Maiden of all
Pam Knecht, who runs the show, and on the left
is Sue , who came to the show with me and has
been a Plucky Maiden herself. To learn more
about Plucky Maidens just go to

This is the booth of Voondi which is our
friend Cher.  She always has fun
things to sell and you can tell is almost
sold out.

This was a new person I met. Debbi has
many very nice hand made things at
Marionberry Cottage

I did not get this nice ladies name so if she
sees this she needs to let me know.  Very fun and
funky things in her booth.

April of Vintage Vixens had a chair
that I wanted to take home.

This is the chair!  She said if it didn't sell
it will be in her Etsy Shop.  She had many
other great things, too.

This is my friend Mel's booth,
All My Favorite Things.

Mel had sold so much and she had a great
wire mannequin she had made into a garden but
my picture did not turn out.

I call this the bling booth!!  But she is
really Pitula The Jeweler.

Not only does she have tons of bits and bobs
to choose from, she also has cool jewelry
that she has made!

And many little packages of little fun things
to make art work or jewelry or whatever.

There was no way to get pictures of everyone.  The place was packed yet there was plenty of room to move around.  A super way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Making the Cut

When we bought our house we had
a retaining wall built.
All of the ferns you see just came
along voluntarily.  I think that was
very nice of them.

And every March I cut the ferns. All
of the ferns.

All of the way down to the bottom.

March is the time to do it so the new little
fronds (seen here) have not yet lifted
their little heads.  Therefore you do not
cut off their little heads.

One year I waited too long. It took
forever to do the job because I
had to be so careful not to cut
the little fronds.

I guess you could just cut off the
old ugly leaves and leave the newer ones.

But I just love how green and beautiful
they look when they all come up

new and fresh every year.  I also trim
all the ferns we have planted and all
the ones around the yard that have
sprouted up and found a home here.

We try to get all the ornamental grasses
cut in March, too, but are a little bit
behind this year.  If we get enough more
sunny days we may get it done before April!!

Wishing you all a good weekend! And Happy St.
Patty's Day!
Annette   :>)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

How Long Would You Wait

The other day the sun was out as if it were Spring.
You remember Spring----when those dead looking
bushes have green leaves, and the dead trees come
back to life, and flowers bloom, and grass grows and---
ok, well, anyway, it was a lovely day.
One of those days when you notice how really dirty
your house is......................

And that little devil that lives on my shoulder
popped up and said "How long do you think you
could wait to dust the house?"  We live on a gravel
road so we have extra dust (see above).  Our neighbors
use our road and they have many visitors.  We are
blessed  cursed sometimes happy to have a fairly
constant breeze around our home.  I thought about it.
I dust and in two days you can't tell.

Then I look at the cat dish.  And the devil is back.
She says, "With all the flowers on that tray, it
isn't very easy to see the mess, really.  You could
wait to clean that up."  We have an old cat.  She has
to have wet food and she sort of pushes it around
in her bowl and over the edges. Parts go on the
floor.  She gets fed several times a day because she
is dropping I thought about it....I clean it
up and feed her and it's just a mess again. 

And the spider webs!!!  I did not need a devil to
make me question trying to keep those at bay.  You
could work on those little critters 24/7 and they come
right back.  And once Mr. Sun shows his pretty face,
so do the webs.  I just thought, well, they've been there all
winter, what's a little longer? 

And then there is the floor my nemesis. That devil
popped up so fast and screamed in my ear "Don't
even bother to look! You know there is nothing you can do to make it stay clean, so why bother?!"  And I thought
to myself "She is right!!"
And I went outside to enjoy the weather.

But then, as is usual this time of year in the NW, in a 
couple of days, the sun went away, and I cleaned the house.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pine Cones

Not only does she call her home Pincone Cottage------
she has pine cones inside her home  ( imagine that!)
This is the time of year, after the holidays

that I tend to bring out the pine cone decor.

This pillow was a gift last Christmas.

Some of the larger cones are more difficult to store.

And this is only a sample of what is around the house.

But it gives you an idea of the various cones sitting around.
Thanks for the visit.  Next time we'll move on to something
besides cones.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

What's it all about?

This is the house where we live.  I call it
Pinecone Cottage because we have pine trees
and also fir trees that drop many  cones.

My other blog, Andy's Vintage Attic, was set up
when I had a space in a shop to sell vintage wares,
and was doing flea markets.  I am not doing that so
much any more.  So I have a new blog.  (I am
still keeping the old one.  I'm sentimental like that.)

This one's  about>>>>>anything I feel like!!  How fun
is that??  Home, life, garden, junking, friends,
cat, husband, reading, magazines, travel, sunshine,
rearranging rooms, who knows.  Don't expect
much on cooking or sewing or crafting.  I don't do
those very often.  If I do and it works out well, I'll
let you know.

So come along if you  like  'cause you
just never know what might be goin' on.

Thanks for the visit.