Sunday, September 7, 2014

Nest/Guest Room DONE

It's DONE.  Well, until I find
something else I want to change.  Here are the
photos,  hopefully you will notice a
few less things around.

The only things on the bed are pillows!!
I will try to keep it that way. 

I moved the blue cabinet and added a
chair so guests would have a place to relax. 

The area behind the desk now
has a lower profile.  I still needed
the storage since I got rid of the
big desk with drawers.

Beside the cabinet are my suitcases.
They are now full of things that were
stored elsewhere. 

My desk is ready for whatever I
need.  My hope is to start
making jewelry....we'll see. 

From the desk looking out of the room.
I am enjoying the less cluttered look.  I
would like to say uncluttered but can't
quite pull that phrase off just yet.

 Besides working in the yard this summer,
my two main projects are now complete.
The potting shed and the nest/guestroom.
It feels good.  The next room to do is our
office.  That will take some major work
and if when we get started I will take you
along for the ride.