Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Current Project: The Nest/Guest Room

My current project has been to
rearrange my Nest....the guest room.
We don't have many guests, so I have
made this room into my Nest, where I
do my "fun" things.

These are "before" pictures. 

There really wasn't much room for
guests.  I am trying to lighten things. 

This great old library table was my
parents, and will become my desk. 

I would love to reach a point where
this bed does not always have STUFF
on top. 

Things have been moved out. 
Some will get painted and some will
go away, some will come back. 

I will miss the large school teacher
desk.  It has served me well and
gives me much room to use.  But,
it also takes up much room!!

Next I will show the completed room! 



It will feel so good to get the room the way you want it and to donate what you no longer need. Looking forward to the after!

Kathy said...

I did not know you had a vintage suitcase collection so I learned something new today!
It looks like a very comfortable play place but I totally get that goal of not having stuff piled on the bed. I struggle with that because my spare bedroom is way to easy to "park" things in.
I am looking forward to the big reveal.

sherri s. said...

The room is so cute, even full of stuff! That desk...I adore it. It does feel good to pare down a bit and tidy--I need to do a LOT more of it!