Monday, January 19, 2015

Sale Treasures

Two of my friends cleared out
their studios and had a sale last weekend.
This is what came home with me. 

I find it difficult to resist little things
in bags.  Especially when they are
very inexpensive.  These two gals really
wanted to clear out their stuff for cheap!! 

Once the bags are opened, the fun begins.
You can see there are all kinds of
ephemera, little plastic boxes, millinery,
fun "little" things.

The ephemera included various cards,
some letters, pictures, and what have
you, as you can see in this photo and
the next one. 

The Scribbage game is very cool.  I
collect little plastic boxes and you
can see there are many.  There was
a full little bag of cocktail umbrellas
which still had their Made In Japan labels. 

Here you can see some of the millinery.
My next post will show more details. 


Maria (Magia Mia) said...

Ooh, fun stuff! I spy Meyercord!

This is precisely the kind of pictures you could post on your Instagram. I spotted your name and became a follower...:)


Fun finds! We went to an estate sale on Saturday and it wasn't very good.

Kathy said...

How FUN!! You know how I adore a "poke sack". I am looking forward to seeing more.

sherri s. said...

Really fun! I've been on a bit of a sale diet the past couple of months but am getting twitchy to go to one! Love paper ephemera and millinery supplies!