Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Potting Shed Round 1

The Potting Shed has always been changing.
Lately I am trying to get rid of things (hahaha)
and so the Potting Shed is getting a Make Over.

This would be the outside a few years ago.
This part hasn't changed much.


This is my little nest and is full of
all things garden and fun.  Oh, I forgot
to mention that the potting shed is not
used for potting.  That's done on the
potting bench outside. 

This isn't even the whole thing,
but gives you an idea of the quantity of
"stuff" that lives here. 

And this is the process of sorting
out what to get rid of and what to keep.
It has been very difficult because I
wouldn't have it if I didn't like/love it. 

Everything is getting packed up so
I can move it all out and clean the floor.
Then it will all go back in and begin a
new chapter.  I will still have a lot
of "stuff". 


Kathy said...

Oh Annette, I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about it. You lucky girl with your own little playhouse!!


I LOVE your potting shed! I think I should have one!!! What a fun place to have for all your treasures!

★Carol★ said...

You lucky girl....I would LOVE to have a potting shed that isn't a potting shed! You've got it decorated so nicely too. What a fun little getaway for you!

Mitzi said...

It must be hard to clean out your potting many cute items! I love colorful things, and I can see many brightly colored treasures in there.....

sherri s. said...

Ah, it's so lovely...our potting shed IS used for gardening supplies and my husbands tools. I wish it were my little hideaway like yours!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...


HOW I LOVE this! I am totally green with envy... Oh to have a space to display my "goods"... So much yumminess there....

Hugs to you Girlie!