Sunday, March 3, 2013

What's it all about?

This is the house where we live.  I call it
Pinecone Cottage because we have pine trees
and also fir trees that drop many  cones.

My other blog, Andy's Vintage Attic, was set up
when I had a space in a shop to sell vintage wares,
and was doing flea markets.  I am not doing that so
much any more.  So I have a new blog.  (I am
still keeping the old one.  I'm sentimental like that.)

This one's  about>>>>>anything I feel like!!  How fun
is that??  Home, life, garden, junking, friends,
cat, husband, reading, magazines, travel, sunshine,
rearranging rooms, who knows.  Don't expect
much on cooking or sewing or crafting.  I don't do
those very often.  If I do and it works out well, I'll
let you know.

So come along if you  like  'cause you
just never know what might be goin' on.

Thanks for the visit.


Evi said...

Dear Andy,
congratulation on your new adventure. Sometimes it is fun to shake things up. And this is your time.
I will be following you no matter what blog it is!
So no cooking or sewing, eh....Well, you have many other talents to share with us, so I am content.
Wishing you lots of fun and success
with your new endeavors.
Warm hugs,

Kathy said...

Congratulations Annette! Wow, two blogs. I barely manage to keep up with one. I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures.


I would love to follow your new blog! Would you add the follower gadget so I can!

Bee & Mason said...

Love it and love you! Can't wait to see many more wonderful posts. :)

melanie said...

Yay!!! So very fun!!!

BirdSong said...

The Pine Cone Cottage is a magical place...Thanks for sharing!! Love ya doll......

Into Vintage said...

Fun!! I love your darling Pine Cone Cottage -- looking forward to wherever it is you take us here. xo

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

I love your new blog.. Pop on over to the Rusty Pearl and follow sister .. HUGS and will be a regular. Love the name too

sherri s. said...

How sweet, Annette--good for you! I too love pinecones!