Sunday, March 10, 2013

How Long Would You Wait

The other day the sun was out as if it were Spring.
You remember Spring----when those dead looking
bushes have green leaves, and the dead trees come
back to life, and flowers bloom, and grass grows and---
ok, well, anyway, it was a lovely day.
One of those days when you notice how really dirty
your house is......................

And that little devil that lives on my shoulder
popped up and said "How long do you think you
could wait to dust the house?"  We live on a gravel
road so we have extra dust (see above).  Our neighbors
use our road and they have many visitors.  We are
blessed  cursed sometimes happy to have a fairly
constant breeze around our home.  I thought about it.
I dust and in two days you can't tell.

Then I look at the cat dish.  And the devil is back.
She says, "With all the flowers on that tray, it
isn't very easy to see the mess, really.  You could
wait to clean that up."  We have an old cat.  She has
to have wet food and she sort of pushes it around
in her bowl and over the edges. Parts go on the
floor.  She gets fed several times a day because she
is dropping I thought about it....I clean it
up and feed her and it's just a mess again. 

And the spider webs!!!  I did not need a devil to
make me question trying to keep those at bay.  You
could work on those little critters 24/7 and they come
right back.  And once Mr. Sun shows his pretty face,
so do the webs.  I just thought, well, they've been there all
winter, what's a little longer? 

And then there is the floor my nemesis. That devil
popped up so fast and screamed in my ear "Don't
even bother to look! You know there is nothing you can do to make it stay clean, so why bother?!"  And I thought
to myself "She is right!!"
And I went outside to enjoy the weather.

But then, as is usual this time of year in the NW, in a 
couple of days, the sun went away, and I cleaned the house.



Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

Im sure that you now have it all spic and span... ENJOY life and the small stuff can wait sometimes... LOVE your post and blog.. HUGS and blessings, my new friend........Sherry @ The RustY Pearl

Kathy said...

HeHe! I think bi-focals are a blessing because we know it is there but we can't really see it like we used to, especially the cobwebs.

sherri s. said...

Ugh, house cleaning. I do hate it. I don't mind doing it, but (duh!) then it has to be done all over again in a few days. Yuck.

✿Carol✿ said...

This post made me laugh, because sometimes I feel like the only time this house gets dusted is when I'm taking pictures for a blog post! And when it's gardening season, forget it. I'm playing outside all day long. I think you've got the right idea. Enjoy life, and the dust can wait!