Saturday, November 8, 2014

I still drag things home.

I have not been blogging because as soon as
my foot was well enough I was helping
a dear friend prepare to move from her home to
one room in a Foster Home.  Every once in a while I had a chance to junk.  I often don't buy anything anymore because I have worked so hard at getting rid of things.  But the odds of never dragging something home are slim and NONE.
So here are a few finds.

This is our sun room and on top of
the shelves in my collection of
violin bottles. 


I had stopped adding to this collection, but
when you find them for a few dollars it
is impossible  difficult to resist.

Yes, three more!  I love finding them with the
hanger attached.  I remember my mom having
two green ones on our patio full of ivy. 

I cannot resist the wood bottom little tray, baskets.  The white pot will go in my
potting shed. (Sorry about the blur.)   Little
package of fun millinery, a wood egg cup,
and a small blue jar.

This is a twin chenille  spread but it looks
sweet on the queen bed, (over the other one).
Tinker has photo bombed! 

Love this red planter.  Perfect for Christmas
décor, or for my house, anytime décor! 

And books.  I decided to pick up red and green
books for décor.  One blue one snuck in because it was cheap.  I don't care what they are about, I just go for the color.
So a few new things that came home with me.
It has become kind of fun to be very selective
since I'm not selling anything anymore! 



Fun collection and the red planter is great for Christmas decorating.
Sounds like you have been busy.

Kathy said...

Great finds and I had not even heard of violin bottles. Tell more!!

sherri s. said...

Good for you for (mostly) resisting...I have WAY too much stuff and yet I do still go to sales (though not nearly as often as I used to). Cute red planter!

must love junk said...

I don't think I've ever seen bottles like that! Love your collection :)

sherri s. said...

Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes! Hope you're getting your cozy cottage all ready for Christmas!