Friday, January 24, 2014

Friendship Friday


There are veins in the hills where
jewels hide,
And gold lies buried deep;
There are harbor-town
where the great ships ride,
And fame and fortune sleep;
But land and see through we tireless rove,
And follow each train to the end,
Whatever the wealth of our
treasure-trove, The best we shall find is
a friend.

--------------John J. Moment


Kathy said...

THAT is simply beautiful!

Evi said...

a very pretty card, and wonderful
Hope you are well?! We feel like we are living in Siberia, horrible.
Ebbie and I had fun on our trip, but the Lupus makes him very tired.
I am using some of my new stash making bunnies again.
Stay well.
Warm hugs,

★Carol★ said...

So beautiful! And I like your blog header too. I'm happiest when I can stay home and not go anywhere. Although who would want to go anywhere in this weather we're having over here? What a winter!