Monday, November 25, 2013



Wishing everyone a wonderful
Thanksgiving.  May you have
happiness and health.


Kathy said...

Thank you Annette, and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. I love that image - a turkey in a peacock coat!

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

Thank you beautiful friend. I wish the same blessings to you too my friend. xoxoxx HUGS

Evi said...

thank you for your comment and your kind thoughts.
I have been so bogged down with all of hubbies health issues, there seems no time anymore for much else.
Plus this is getting to me, and making my "babies" is actually the only thing where I feel content. Ebbie was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus amongst other things. He is terribly tired all the time. It has taken it's toll on him. Right now he is getting shots.
I hope this will help. Where we go from here, only time will tell.
Hopefully we will get back to somewhat normal soon.
I hope all is well with you?! I wish you a happy Thanksgiving.
Sending you hugs,

sherri s. said...

And a belated Thanksgiving greeting to you (my husband had surgery the Monday before Thanksgiving, so things have not been quite normal here!). I'm thankful to have found such lovely blog friends!